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Mom (poem)

You are above all my Mom
you are above all.
accept my deep gratitude
make me a toddle doll.

I remember…
that cold winter night
and, the warmth of your lap
I remember…
that schorching sun heat
and, coolness of your palm.

I call you to my mind
remember milch cow.
wow!tasty cream,
you are feeding
as if just now

I’m growing day by day
my Mom is no more
looking toward long horizon
dandling song murmur…

may 17,2018



Little bubble makes double
double creates all
flying over spreading savour
high up no fall

over river,strait harbour
top Himalayan peak
all it spares beauty fragrance
bloom like cued speech.

my tiny girl trilling fable
firm studious toil
she can pluck heavenly flowers
blue garden to soil***

may 08, 2o18

photo provided pexels

GIFT (poem)

A rare gift reached hand
just at fifty seven
slim body lean face
got down from heaven.

Lip thin deep chin
moon like glow
rosy mouth talk smooth
stream like flow.

Whether seven or eleven
even fifty seven
My Birth Day Gift Darling
Silver DOT PEN***



By- M.K.Jena

April 22, 2O18


KUSUMA (a lover’s lake)

This land is sacred

since eon of time

Come on my children

dance with smile

Chirp like birds

Or quest like the girl

It’s Lunar Love

Making a quiet babble

This captivated lady

thousand years ago

waving gentle chants

pacific on brow

Following Tantra Marga

Felled Royal Love

That was Keshari Prince

Legendary Tale shows

Every Full Moon Night

at confluence of river

Both they trip boating

live with each other

Winsome Lady wise

Kusumbi her name

Prince Karna love sicked

Courtiers felt ashamed

They consipirated killing

while boating river

She was snake bitten

leaving Royal Lover

Aftermath Prince

crowned Karna Keshari

excavated big Tank


Beautiful green garden

Royal Lover’s Lake

Ancient Era peace

sence New Era awakes

Search east coast India

Come to river Land

All are One here

Eat out of hand…


By: M.K.Jena

Butterfly (poem)

Butterfly returned and

reached at soil

bright like jewel and

flying like Angel

Plants became flowery

feeling lands glory

All looked very cheery

in honour of lands victory

enjoying leaves murmur

beautiful chirp culture

Folk clasped all together

Turned two-step posture

Butterfly then upturned

with company jocund

top Himalaya upland

reached sandy windy coast land

Flowers now adorned

odour all around

Butterfly starts command

swarm air troop dappled.



10, Sep 2017



Step to my lane
see a wide open entry
meet a mustache man
swanky lanky sentry

Half way the lane
comes Pipal tree
vermillion body SHE


In last sunday rest
post meridiem hour
beheard incantation
long ding ding there

A wizard started magic
making bornfire
mixing coir rosin
smoking area over

shouting strange sounds
throwing flowers to the tree
overhead big hive
live bumble bees


smoke reached at bees
they became red fire
started sting action
without time spare +++

I came to know
late evening hour
two sly hospitalised
under doctors’care

I visited clinic
met them at bed
their whole body swollen
colourful face aped.

26 AUG 2017

Glowworm (poem)

I was resting supine
with my both eyes open
a tiny glowworm entered
ceiling was glistened

Park was silent
all around dark
dew drops pattered
often long bark

Glowworm caressed
and lighted me up
It was fidgating
to open the door shut

I tried and tried and tried
the door was opened
Oh ! all glowworms dispersed
the park whitened moonstone .

by: M.K.JENA
Eastern India